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Free Auto Insurance Quotes: Get Multiple Auto Quotes!

At Igbert we take the leg work out of shopping for online car insurance quotes. You will receive multiple insurance quotes from some of the most trusted carriers such as Progressive, AAA Insurance, American Family, Farmers, Travelers and many more!

Save Money on your Auto Insurance. Keep your money in you piggy Bank Save Money on Auto Insurance

Igbert Can Save You Money On Car Insurance

In these hard economic times every penny counts. With Igbert's help - you can save money on your insurance.

Let Insurance Carriers Compete
With Igbert you will receive multiple auto insurquotes from the top insurance companies like American Family, Progressive, AAA Insurance, The Hartford and many others.

Insurance Facts You Should Know

How will Multiple Auto Insurance Quotes Effect My Credit?

Most Insurance companies run an Insurance Score. An Insurance Score helps in determining your insurance premiums. Now days most companies run an insurance score every time an insurance quote is run. The insurance score is derived from many different factors. Credit is only one factor and in some states, such as California, it is considered unlawful for the car insurance company to factor in a persons credit score. In states that do allow credit scoring, it may be a major component in factoring your auto insurance premium, however it is a soft hit on your credit and will not effect your credit score.

Other factors that help in the determination of your premium are your motor vehicle report, accident history and in some cases your profession can also have an impact on your premium.  

You have the right to decline an insurance score, however if you decline, the insurance company generally will default your premium to the worst tier, in turn costing you money. In practice you are better off allowing the insurance company to run your score because even if you have bad credit your premium will most likely be more expensive if you do not allow them to run your score. In closing it is generally better to allow your insurance Agency to run your credit when working up auto insurance quotes. Keep in mind it does not effect your credit score.

Many people feel as though insurance scoring should be banned while others take the stand that statistics have proven that your score coincides with your risk factor. Which ever view you take it looks as though insurance scoring is here to stay for better or for worse.



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